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Honestly, this viewpoint is. A bit sad. It implies you don look towards your peers, or your elders, or even to shared knowledge as a guidepost for decisions. Because of this he was charged with obstruction of justice and ended up being the only person who served any jail time for the entire incident. In […]

They never fail to amaze me with their skills and abilities

AFAIK that can only be done by the guards and the relevant regulatory body.Guards can take his licence. Taxi regulator can remove his right to drive a taxi. How would the current ruling even be enforced? If the judge is going to make limitations of some kind, I wonder where the line of being unconstitutional […]

But before you say it’s nothing at all to worry about I’ll say

One more thing, I think both of these apps are pretty unbiased, for the most part. Every now in then though, you’ll get an article that bashes Trump which, I’m not a supporter of, but still, I don’t like biased media. I feel like I should be able to form my own opinion of people […]

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And it gets better. There are 520 districts in the state. The lack of consolidated districts means that administrative costs are hugely inflated. I certainly don feel like “old black and white” movies look old or outdated. At least, not inherently because they old or B A movie looking or feeling dated has so much […]

It’s important for Scottish clubs

Neil Lennon backs Celtic chief Peter Lawwell to win battle with Champions League bullies Lawwell is a canada goose outlet reviews powerful football diplomat and Lennon says he’s primed to stand up for canada goose Scottish teams’ interests in Europe.(Image: Getty)Get the biggest Celtic stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters Thank you for canada […]

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Anybody at Warlords content level could have a dedicated engineer to make pretty quick if they were worried about using too many (somehow). It still asinine today.Ignoring semantics it how mounts work.Mounts also used to poof away the moment you touched anything deeper than a puddle.We already have a QoL item to fix that, and […]

In coax, the opposing field is on the inside of the shield,

If someone is so desperate to get in the game that they willing to give up revenue just for a higher chance of being seen, it hurts everyone else too. Luckily views/ratings don mean too much in the csgo workshop, but be careful with this stuff. Pro players already make enough money as it is, […]