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Edit2: I lied about going to sleep. I stayed up longer and read more of your guy comments. It actually very moving that you share all of this with me and I truly thank you. For example, if you use your HDFC credit card on the bank’s Smartbuy online platform, you can get great offers […]

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The lawsuit accuses American Airlines of acting badly, too. In addition to its responsibility for its employee’s bad behavior, American Airlines refused to respond to legal subpoenas in the criminal case, thereby delaying Richard Cardarelli’s trial, the lawsuit says. It also says the airline barred him at the last minute from a flight from Rochester […]

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Being alone can suck. But it also time to rediscover yourself: go see movies, sign up for day classes (like flower crown making or cooking something you enjoy), hang out with friends, join a sport club. The great thing about being single is you don have to schedule, or worry about someone else not enjoying […]

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in two very different shows Is there another artist on earth with the name brand recognition of Frida Kahlo? You might say Vincent Van Gogh, or Pablo Picasso, or maybe Andy Warhol, whose platinum mop is the only rival to Kahlo’s unibrow and mustache ensemble as an artistic trademark of personal grooming. But even he […]

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An pre recession years before graduation. How liabilities fuck folks over, with no knowledge of how loans and shit work. So when folks “freely” sign loans and all. I would argue that there an equivalent problem with a common mentality with time. A lot of people in this sub think about things in buy canada […]

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6 points submitted 1 day agoThat tells the Democrats something too. The law is so clear cut and aiming the investigation that direction is so easy that refusing to allow the House to get at the tax returns would demonstrate that the Courts are blatantly Republican. Even if the judges are in the GOP pocket, […]

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TORONTO While some shoppers may struggle to locate garments in a specific style or colour, Ashlie Callender faces an even greater obstacle: finding clothes that will fit her curvy frame. “Regular stores, they go up to extra large sometimes, and canada goose black friday sale that’s really like a (size) 10 maybe. So if it’s […]

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Making everyday life just out of reach financially like a carrot on a stick will subdue people, as loooong as they can brush up against that carrot, they’ll keep holding things together. ‘Well I have student loans and medical bills and cc debt and a mortgage I’m juuust making ends meet. I can’t take off […]