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But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important

Last month, the EPA issued a guidance document outlining how it would implement a bipartisan 2016 law that for the first time requires the agency to rule on a new chemical’s potential risks before allowing it on the market. Instead of including “reasonably foreseeable uses,” the document https://www.replicabagsa.com states, the agency will now consider only […]

They are called alkylating agents

Nick Smirnoff and David Studholme, working with colleagues at our Cornwall campus, studied molecular evolution in the marine diatom, Thalassiosira pseudonana. Diatoms are hugely important for converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into organic chemicals in food chains; but little is known about their ability to adapt to climate change. This study measured the capacity for adaptation […]

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In 2016, she caught shit from all sides of the internet for creating a Doxxing Website. At that point, Milo and Mike Cernovich started saying nice things about her, and bam. She all over youtube toeing that particular ultra conservative line.. You need to look up reports about the Security Air Conical reserve from around […]

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No more of the NFA insane requirements and waiting around stamps and other legally murky bullshit. High capacity mags? Legal. Automatics? Legal. I gonna go watch some of his old StarCraft casts today. I didn want to ruin their evening by fanboying so I left them, but they knew I had noticed.The next day I […]

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